Saturday, March 7, 2009


my reason for starting this blog was to give my friends access to the underground emcees and prudcers i listen to/work with. I started going through my mp3's and album zips to compile the first mix and realized the majority of the truely underground emcees i know all came from the same website. with that said i decided to dedicate the first mixtape to the website Sacred Society. every emcee on this mix is either on Sacred or was a major part of it at one time. the song Libertarian featering Fam nice is a classic example of a Sacred emcee/ a matter of fact Fam Runs/ran Sacred. i say Ran b/c the board is basically dead now. im done typing though, enjoy the music

The Sacred Mix

i have access to free dowloadable albums from a few of the artists on here so if you want them ask and i'll post them. also, if the link is dead let me low and ill re upload it(rapidshare only allows 10 dl per file)